Friday, December 30, 2011

one of my best friends ( in the kitchen)

Basil leaf, or Bay leaf, is one ingredient I often rely on many times to add another dimension to my plates. ye, also ketchup squiggles.. lol.. plating french fried potatoes in a criss cross fashion is always a great idea. Makes the humble potato look really good..

The chicken is a pistachio crusted chicken.. smear mayo on cutlets, mix fried onions, basil cube (frozen) garlic cube, lemon juice and chopped pistachio with a few drops of lemon juice and smear over cutlets. bake. enjoy!


  1. love the blog! just wanted to point out that bay leaves and basil leaves are 2 entirely different things.

  2. right kamelia.. but they both do the same thing, in my case- add that look that is so easy to achieve! when I use basil, I use it for the look, and taste too.. with the bay leaf, I just use it for the look.. thanks for stoppin by! keep on comin!