Monday, January 2, 2012

a pretty dish - thanks to my mom!

I am talking about the actual dish, not the food, lol. This beautiful leaf plate was bought by my mom who gave it to me as a gift when I wasn't feeling so well. She brought it over one day with some beautiful long stemmed strawberries and peonies and hydrangeas ( my fave flowers) and I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. this dish is so pretty, I use it to keep my lemons and tomatoes or whatever I have ripening on my counter. One day I decided to use it as a serving piece and I think its doin a great job at that!
The dish on the dish is stacked eggplant with ratatouille ( fried onions, peppers, tomatoes, some ppl put other stuff but I kept it simple)  and on the side is tilapia baked with a mayo lemon sauce and my go-to crusted pistachio topping.. Thanks again ma!!!

Homemade wild mushroom ravioli

Nowadays, it is so very easy to make things at home and call it home made. With the ease of new products, like egg roll wrappers, ravioli wrappers, and the like, we can really experiment! Basically, what I actually made in this photo, is the filling and the sauce.
I fried onions and garlic, and chopped up all kinds of mushrooms and added that. I then added some ricotta cheese as a binder and filled the ravioli circles and folded them and made indentations with a fork at the edges.
I do not remember what I put into the sauce, but its probably crushed tomatoes from a can, some red wine, spices, basil, salt, pepper and some sugar.

most of these pictures that I have posted on my blog are pictures from an old cell phone I used to have, days before my android and blackberry! so I don't remember all the recipes but hope the pics still give u somethin to look at, lol!  

Saturday, December 31, 2011

just pops into my head!

This shabbos was very nice, we had an unexpected visitor. My husbands friend came from Israel and we found out right before shabbos that he will eating with us. I had no fancy dessert prepared.. so I came up with a grt idea that I was very proud of! I took ice cream, scooped it into cute little bowls, drizzled chocolate syrup, and crumbled BAMBA on top of it! I added a delicious maraschino cherry on top and voila!  everyone loved it! I just LOVE thinking up new things!

Friday, December 30, 2011


I created this blog to show others how to elevate food to the next level and show how easy it can be.
As Jews, we do this everyday by making brachos (blessings) over our food and transcending it from a mere bite of food to a connection of thanks to our creator.  There is my D'var Torah for the day :)
Have a beautiful Shabbos!

The supper that took 10 minutes to make

all it is, is the plating! couscous- from the far east boxes, takes minutes.. seared cutlets in some kinda sauce.. I dont remember.. and green beans from a CAN mixed with olive oil, nuts, and spices.. ta daaaa!!!! This supper was made when my second child was 5 months old, and I desperately wanted to get back to my routine.. so I made a simple dinner and plated it like I worked hours over it.. anyone can do it! go ahead, try! lemme know how it comes out!

one of my best friends ( in the kitchen)

Basil leaf, or Bay leaf, is one ingredient I often rely on many times to add another dimension to my plates. ye, also ketchup squiggles.. lol.. plating french fried potatoes in a criss cross fashion is always a great idea. Makes the humble potato look really good..

The chicken is a pistachio crusted chicken.. smear mayo on cutlets, mix fried onions, basil cube (frozen) garlic cube, lemon juice and chopped pistachio with a few drops of lemon juice and smear over cutlets. bake. enjoy!

a tale of 3 pictures

 I know many of us would rather not eat food that resembles a spider. but trust me, this plate got eaten. every last drop! kids love these things and it takes just an extra 2 minutes!

 this is my kind of plate.. color, contrast, there is a lot goin on, and even tho I love simplicity on a plate, I love looking at this picture. this was crispy fried fish with tartar sauce, ( easy- mix majo, mustard, dill, garlic, some pickle juice) we also had mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a simple green salad.

again, color, color, color! I take pics of everything with color!! I once got my fruit delivery and the colors were so gorgeous, I took pics! of my fruits and veg, in a brown box! life with color is so beautiful. I often wish I can implement color into my wardrobe as easily as I do with food.. but as u can tell.. I love food... which means I just look better in dark colors that are slenderizing.. know what I mean??! lol...